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There are plenty of food items that you can add to your diet and gain weight faster as food matters a lot so one should choose food that really helps in weight gain

Weight gain has become difficult for people who are not gaining weight as compared to people who want to lose because of the lack of guidance in food.

There are 21 weight gain food items listed down that help to gain faster if taken in the right amount and in a healthy way.

1. Whole Eggs

Whole Eggs

Whole egg means the white portion plus the yellow part of the egg is yolk so whole eggs are the best to add to a meal to gain weight.

They are a complete package of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins so you can have them for healthy weight gain.

You can have eggs in many styles like boiled, scrambled, fried whichever suits you it’s easy to cook and best for your health too so one of the best food options to gain weight.

2. Smoothie


Smoothie is the best for gaining weight you can try different types of smoothies that you really like in taste.

You can have a banana strawberry smoothie, blueberry avocado smoothie, peanut butter and banana smoothie and there are loads of smoothies that you can have to gain weight.

Smoothie consists of so many things that they can make it rich in calories so if you want to gain weight so you can have it.

As smoothie consists of plenty of calories which make them rich for weight gain purposes so it’s the best choice as a weight gain food.

3. Milk


Milk is rich in calcium and is a source of nutrients so a glass of milk means taking nutrients in one sip so it’s a healthy food.

Milk is a rich source of protein and different other beneficial nutrients and taking it after exercise helps to gain muscles and is the best way to gain weight.

Milk can be taken with meals which helps in adding extra calories to your diet the fat consistency should be higher in milk in order to gain weight.

The selection of the milk should be according to the fat content in it so choose the best fat content for gain weight.

Bananas with milk are the best combination to gain weight so you can have it this combo will be magic for you if you take it on a regular basis.

4. Rice


Rice is easy to cook and can be eaten with a wide variety of curries and veggies which makes it an easily available food item that one can have.

Rice is high in carbs which is good to take in the journey of weight gain and easily digestive too so rice is the best for weight gain.

Rice can be taken 1 to 2 cups a day to gain weight in one of the meals of your day you can take it in the daytime.

5. Salmon and oily fish

Salmon and oily fish

Fatty fish are rich in fatty acids which is great for weight gain so you must have fatty fish like salmon in your diet to gain weight.

Fatty fish not only help to gain weight but also help to improve immunity which is a plus point to gaining weight in a healthy style.

Oily fish or fatty fish has omega-3 fatty acids which are the best source for weight gain so by eating fatty fish you will surely gain weight.

There are lots of varieties of dishes which you can prepare through salmon like fried fish, steamed, baked and smoked salmon whatever suitable taste you like.

6. Nuts


Nuts are a great source of nutrients which can be taken as a snack it’s not only good for health but helps in gaining weight too if taken in a good amount.

There are different types of nuts available that one can easily take such as walnuts, almonds, and cashews are the best for weight gain basically.

Overeating of anything can help in weight gain and what if the food is healthy so you can eat nuts as much as you want to increase weight but have it in snack time.

7. Full-fat yoghurt

Full-fat yoghurt

Full-fat yoghurt made of full-fat milk is high in calories which is a good option for weight gain purposes as it is providing extra calories.

Full-fat yoghurt is best taken with the meal as it not only helps to add extra calories to the food but it also enhances the taste of the food that you are having.

Full-fat yoghurt can be taken as your wish you can have it with some veggies on it or you can have it as plain yoghurt.

Make sure the yoghurt you are eating should be full-fat yoghurt made up of full-fat milk because of the calories in it and must be taken in a good amount.

8. Red meats

Red meats

Meats are a great source of proteins which helps in building muscles so basically meat is a protein-rich diet food.

Every meat is rich in proteins and high in calories moreover fatty meats contain high calories which helps in gaining weight faster.

Brisket is the best meat that you can take to gain weight easily and it can be cooked easily with a lesser time.

9. Potato

Potato starch

Potato starch is basically a type of carbohydrate which acts as magic for people who wants to gain weight in less time if take a good amount.

Potato has a good amount of starch in it which is a great source of carbohydrates and is helpful in gaining weight as it helps to add extra fat to the body.

Potato starch is easy to digest and with lots of calories and it’s not that expensive so anyone can afford it potato is a must-include in a diet.

10. Pasta


Pasta is made up of regular grains which is the best nutrition-based as it contains calories in the highest amount which leads to gain weight.

Pasta helps to gain weight faster if it is made up of cheese and extra fats in it which makes it not even tastier but adds more calories to it which makes you gain faster.

Pasta is easy to cook just add a sauce made up of veggies and some olive oil and can be eaten as a tasty meal which can help with weight gain.

Pasta is a good source of carbs which is beneficial for weight gain so it is one of the foods that can be eaten for weight gain purposes.

11. Dried fruits

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits such as dates, figs, raisins, apricots and many others are the fruits which are dried basically the fruits have been dried off and the water consistency has been out.

The calorie intake in dried fruits is higher than that of normal fruits so it is much more beneficial for the one who wants to gain weight.

The micronutrients present in dried fruits are in higher amounts as compared to the fresh equivalent of the fruit so it’s much better to have to gain weight.

12. Avacado


Well, all fruits are good for the body as it is a natural food which comes directly from nature but avocado is the best among all if we talk about gaining weight.

The amount of calories present in avocados is comparatively more than other fruits so it is helpful in gaining weight.

Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals and various beneficial nutrients that help to make you gain weight in a healthy way.

13. Fox nuts or lotus seeds

Fox nuts

Fox nuts or lotus seeds are very beneficial for health widely known as makhana which has a good amount of fibre in it.

Fox nuts are really beneficial when it comes to gaining weight if taken in the right way like how they can be consumed to get the benefits for weight gain.

Fox nuts with milk in the breakfast are best if you have to soak it the milk for the night and then eat it in the morning it helps to gain weight faster.

14. Healthy cereals

Healthy cereals

Healthy cereals contain wheat, barley and oats that are super-rich in nutrients and healthy cereals are good for the body also must include in a diet.

If you want to gain weight in a healthy way then must add healthy cereals to your diet to get the maximum benefits for the body.

There are many kinds of cereal in the market nowadays that consist of sugar in it like cornflakes which are generally breakfast meal which contributes to weight gain.

15. Cereal bars

Cereal bar

Cereal bars are the best protein bars that you can have as a snack or you can say a quick food that can easily be taken in anytime.

Cereal bars are the best to add an extra amount of calories in addition to the meal as it’s not the meal basically but adding extra calories is surely beneficial for weight gain.

There are many cereal bars that are available in the market that you can purchase and eat anytime you want or you can make it on your own with the cereal that you want to add.

16. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa which is good for overall health if taken in the right amount but it is a little bit bitter in taste which most people will not prefer to eat.

The amount of calories and fat present in dark chocolate is high which can lead to weight gain if taken in large amounts.

There are dark chocolates in the market that consist of sugar that is rich in calories which helps in gaining weight and the taste is also fairly good so you can eat this.

17. Cheese


Cheese is the best source of protein which helps to build muscle and tastes good also most people prefer to add cheese to their food to make it tastier.

The fat and protein content is high in cheese which makes it a better food choice for weight gain as it helps in the contribution of fat in the body.

Cottage cheese is the best option to gain muscle and body which helps to gain weight in a good way without making gain weight faster.

18. Healthy fats and oils

Healthy fats & oils

Healthy fats and oils are the best for weight gain as the fat amount it consists of is very beneficial for the body that wants to gain weight.

Healthy oils consist of extra virgin olive oil which is good for the heart and can be used for salads which makes them tastier.

Whatever you are consuming if it is healthy then it is the best for the body and if you want to gain weight then consume them in a good amount.

19. Beans


Kidney beans are one of the legumes that have a large number of proteins and carbs that can be taken in a diet for good nutrients.

Kidney beans are the best in taste as compared to other legumes which can be made easier depending on the taste you prefer.

Baked beans that you can make from beans are the best in taste and for the body, it is healthier for gaining weight too.

The high amount of starch and fibre present in kidney beans makes them super rich in nutrient-based food which helps in weight gain.

19. Chickpeas


Chickpeas are rich sources of carbs and protein that prefers as a healthy plant-based protein that helps in gaining weight in the right way.

Chickpeas contain a good amount of protein which helps to build muscles hence it is helping in weight gain as you are not gaining fat but muscles.

Chickpeas can be taken with extra added calories which can make them tastier and make you gain weight easily.

20. Whole grain bread

Whole grain beans

Whole grain bread is the best source of carbs that most people eats in their daily meal as it is common to have it with stew.

One can easily make a whole meal diet with the help of whole grain bread with a good amount of protein-based stew which is best for weight gain.

The amount of calories is in good amounts in whole-grain bread so it is good for gaining weight if can be taken in the right amount.

Whenever choosing whole grain bread choose quality natural bread of a good quality brand or you can prepare that at home too without losing any nutrients.

21. Protein supplements

There are varieties of protein supplements available in the market which make claims to build muscles and are great sources of protein.

Protein supplements are helpful in gaining weight if they can be taken with the advice of a nutritionist that if they will suit your body or not if you consume them.

There are loads of protein supplements that you can have with the help of consulting a doctor that is best suitable for you.

Whatever you are taking for a specific purpose it should be taken under advice as everyone has different body types so choose according to your body.

One should take an advice of a dietician while opting for any diet as what suits you depend on you and what the doctor will consult.

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