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Is lemon really good for weight loss?

Most of us heard that lemon for weight loss is really good in fact I have seen people who used to consume lemon juice in warm water daily in the morning as people have thought that it will help to reduce weight and this is also said by nutritionists to consume it on a regular basis to cut off the fat but is it really work?

Today will read about this only if it is a myth or fact, here will learn lemon for weight loss is really beneficial or it’s just a myth.

Lemon is Acidic

As lemon is acidic in nature so why we should consume it in the morning? As our body is acidic inside or while we were sleeping acid reacts with base forms neutral which is good but we are taking lemon which is already acidic so doesn’t harm our body?

So, the answer is no as when lemon in whatever form basically in liquid goes inside our body it becomes alkaline which is not harmful it becomes our metabolism and helps it to become that which is beneficiary for weight loss.

Lemon has Antioxidants

Lemon has antioxidants which are really good for weight loss as we know green tea helps in fat loss so does the lemon works it is because it has antioxidants which help increase the metabolism and high metabolism helps in digest food very easily so the metabolism should be high for weight loss as the food should give energy not fat but if it is not digested properly it will convert it to fat which results in an increase in fat so by consuming lemon through juice or in water or its pulp one can reduce weight.

It will help to increase your metabolism very fast which also helps in an excess fat gain which you might gain if you have not digested food it can make you fat so lemon has an antioxidant property which will increase your metabolism which helps in digesting the food fast.

Lemon in the morning

As lemon helps to increase metabolism, it should be consumed in the first few hours of the day as when you wake up then your body will be acidic and lemon will help to neutralize this acidity and thus it will increase metabolism and help in weight loss.

If you are taking lemon in the morning then it will neutralize the acid which is present in the body while you wake up when lemon goes inside the body it becomes alkaline and thus not harmful to the body and helps in reducing weight.

Take Lemon with warm water in the morning

Lemon water

Lemon should be taken with warm water and must be drunk sip by sip, not in a single gulp. If you drink it in a single gulp then it will reduce the metabolism and thus it will not help in weight loss.

It will remove all the toxins from the body which should be removed by the start of the day. Lemon helps in detoxification of the body which is really needed in the journey of weight loss.

Warm water is really good for the body and helps in weight loss. Drinking warm water helps in the digestion of food but it also helps to clear out the toxins from the body which should be removed if you are looking for a natural weight loss then a glass of warm water with lemon juice in it will make it more effective.

Avoid lemon juice with sugar

Avoid lemon juice with sugar as it will not help in weight loss as it has sugar in it if you really want to have it take the sour one but keep in mind to take black salt instead of white salt as black salt is good for health and white salt has a large amount of sodium which is not good for weight loss in fact it will increase the weight of the body so instead of losing weight you are going to gain weight. so avoid lemon juice with sugar.

Lemon juice on salad

Lemon for weight loss

You can take lemon on a salad without any salt being used in it as it will make the salad tastier and you don’t need salt as the lemon will give the salad all the needed flavour. So lemon is acting like power for the taste as well as for weight loss as sodium should be avoided in the diet if you want to lose weight. So you can take lemon on a salad if you don’t want to use salt and if you really want to lose weight then you should avoid salt.

Lemon as an alternative to salt

As salt is a good source of sodium and sodium is not good for weight loss but food will not taste as good as it used to if you have a lot of salt in so instead of using salt you can use lemon as it has a sour taste to it and will not give the food a bad taste it will enhance the taste of the food and it will help in weight loss too so you are taking the meal without having the guilt of gaining weight. 

Lemon should be avoid

Lemon should be avoided if you are having mouth ulcers as lemon juice can cause the ulcers to get worse since it has an acidic property which can make the ulcers burst and you will hurt more than before. It can also increase heart rate if you have a heart problem so avoid lemon juice.

It should not be taken if you are having high blood pressure as it can cause the blood pressure to increase and you will be more likely to have a heart attack. So avoid lemon juice if you have high blood pressure. One should not take lemon juice in huge amounts in thinking of losing weight fast so make sure to take lemon juice in a small amount.

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