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Caffeine usually takes most people as they feel fresh or awake but there are some effects of caffeine to the body that no one can neglect and should be aware of it.

Caffeine contains is usually seen most commonly in tea and coffee and these both have been taken by everyone as just the kind of beverage no one can neglect to have and want at least once a day.

Here are 11 effects of caffeine on the body that you should keep an eye that if it is happening to you too or not:

1. Increased alertness and concentration:

Increased alertness and concentration

Caffeine helps an individual to be awake and concentrate without disrupting or getting sleepy and lazy in any work that they want to do or accomplished without any disruptions.

It acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system such that if one consumes it then it helps with alertness after consuming it so it’s good to have it while doing some important task or work that needs concentration.

It’s good to have when you need to be focused and needs concentration to get work done or want to do anything without any feeling of tiredness.

2. Improved Physical performance

Improved physical performance

Caffeine helps in enhancing physical performance as it has the phenomena of improving the endurance of the body to not giving up while doing the workout.

It helps in making you an active person and you feel less fatigue as compared to the usual time when you feel tired or lazy so if you start consuming caffeine daily it will help to make you sharper.

The increase in energy is one of the effects of caffeine on the body which is good for active workers as it helps them a lot to perform well physically.

3. Increase in Heart rate and blood pressure

Caffeine usually causes a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure such that it should be avoided by the person who has seen problems related to heart rate and high or low blood pressure.

Caffeine makes the system very active hence making the organs also more active as compared to normal such that one can notice an increase in it.

If you also feel an increase in heart rate and blood pressure then you must see the caffeine intake in your body which you should not neglect and try to avoid it.

4. Difficulty in Sleep

Difficulty in sleep

As caffeine has the power to make you awake such that it won’t let you sleep if you take it just before bedtime so it makes very difficult to sleep if you have taken caffeine just before bedtime.

Caffeine in excess amounts leads to see insomnia in a person where one can not able to sleep as it doesn’t let you sleep which is a bad sign as sleep is very necessary for every human being.

Try to not consume caffeine just before the time when you are going to sleep or have a nap as it makes it difficult to sleep when you need to sleep.

5. Increase in Urination

Increase in urination

Caffeine leads to an excess amount of urine in the body and one has to go to the bathroom more frequently compared to normal humans.

Caffeine is diuretic means which increases the number of times of passaging urine as compared to normal urine passage in a normal human body.

If you see this problem too try to avoid caffeine-contained drinks or what you can do is try to lessen the intake of caffeine in a day as compared to the usual intake you used to take on every particular day.

6. Gastrointestinal issues

By the regular use of caffeine, one has seen stomach pain and discomfort near the intestines which may cause not feeling normal and the cause is caffeine in the body.

The amount can be reduced if you feel the same issue if you too taking caffeine in large amounts or in excess amounts so try to avoid caffeine if you feel some issues in your intestines.

One should completely avoid caffeine if one feels discomfort or sees issues related to gastrointestinal parts as for some people caffeine doesn’t suit.

7. Lead to Addiction

lead to addiction

Regular consumption of caffeine is a kind of addiction which people generally ignores but it is making them addicted towards it and they want caffeine daily they generally feel.

The consumption of caffeine has seen dependence on it which makes a person fatigue, and suffer headaches when trying to stop or leave a day without consuming it.

So caffeine should be avoided if you too feel addicted towards it and take it more than once a time in a day as it’s not good to be addicted to something which is not good for your health.

8. Anxiety

Effects of caffeine to the body

Some people have seen issues like anxiety, and nervousness in their bodies that consume caffeine in their daily life which makes them feel desirable to live and sustain an unhappy lifestyle.

Anxiety is very common in a person who usually has caffeine more than the requirement and whose body is sensitive to caffeine so if you feel the same just have a look at it.

One should avoid taking caffeine if one feels the same issue and usually gets anxiety attacks sometimes without any actual cause and having any mental health issues.

9. Dehydration


As we have seen that caffeine can cause a person feels to urinate more than a usual normal person does which may cause the water consistency less in the body.

Dehydration is very common if you take caffeine in large amounts and particularly more than the normal water intake as taking normal water is better than in tea form.

This can cause the body to dehydrate more often if you take caffeine and feels the issue of passing urine more than the normal human body as water is important for a healthy living body.

10. Interference with nutrient absorption

Caffeine can interfere with the body’s absorption of certain nutrients, including calcium, iron, and magnesium which are essential nutrients that need a body to be healthy.

This effect is mostly found in those who consume high amounts of caffeine than the normal person used to have it so if you also consume it in high amounts then stop it today.

So if you feel a deficiency of some important nutrients in the body though you are taking them regularly in your meal then caffeine can be the cause that you are not getting that nutrient in the body or your body is not absorbing it.

11. Interference with medications

Interference with medications

It has been seen in some people that caffeine may interfere with some medications like if you are taking some medicines it will disrupt the effect of that by interfering in the process of absorption of it in the body.

It’s really important to consult your doctor or pharmacist while taking any medicines and if you are not sure whether caffeine consumption is safe for you or not.

It’s very common that people are taking some medicines like antibiotics because of the common flu or any antidepressants then you must avoid caffeine if you are taking these medications.

It’s very important to note that the negative effect that can reflect in the body and mention above depends on the amount or dosage of caffeine one is taking and it is totally dependent on the body of a human if it is suiting or not.

One should keep in mind that caffeine affects every individual differently some feel really good after consuming caffeine and another side some will not so it is totally dependent on the body or if the body is sensitive to it or not.

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