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How To be fit and healthy is the basic question for one and all where both terms are two different things that fit in the sense you are gaining muscles and having a correct BMI and healthy which you feel from inside.

People want to be fit and healthy without watching out for the calories and footsteps they need to work on which is the basic requirement.

To be healthy you have to start with a healthy diet routine. The food you are taking plays an important role in the fitness journey.

A healthy person watches out for their calorie intake according to their body weight which is very necessary to be fit.

Here are 9 important factors by which a person can be fit and healthy :

1. Balanced Diet

how to be fit and healthy by having balanced diet

Diet plays an important role in the fitness journey. What you eat in your whole day helps you to be healthy. Healthy food leads to a healthy life. So it’s easy to be healthy when you choose a good diet

Eat some fruit every day it can be in the morning or it could be in the evening. Like the first meal should be light. All are well aware that a balanced diet is very necessary for healthy living but less of people adopt this in their daily life.

A balanced diet means the meal should be divided into a good portion of protein, vitamins and minerals according to the requirement of the body.

Diet is important for the human body so one should know what to take which is healthy for them and a Balanced diet is the one that will make you fit and healthy.

2. Active Lifestyle

active lifestyle

An active lifestyle is a key to being fit and healthy. If you can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle then you are easy to go.

An active lifestyle includes a workout routine where you have to take out time for your body and do some exercise that suits your body.

You can join a gym or you can do running every morning or it can be done in the evening it should be according to your lifestyle.

You should not be a couch potato that used to sit in front of a tv rather you should be active and a person who has an active lifestyle.

You should not sit for more than 30min in the same place just make up your mind that you have to move your body like you can have a walk.

3. Physical Exercise or Yoga

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is so necessary for a healthy body and mind. So try to start with the exercise which you find easy. Exercise helps people to be fit mentally and physically. So do it on a regular basis to be fit and healthy.

Yoga can be done with simple yoga poses. Yoga is powerful if you do it on a regular basis with no effort. Yoga is the best thing one can do in a day.

One can start with simple yoga poses which can be achieved very easily and it helps to become flexible too so wanna have a flexible body then do yoga.

A fit body is a flexible body so to be flexible you must do yoga with some stretching and some poses that can help to lose weight too.

4. Avoid Fatty Acids

avoid fatty acids food

Food containing fatty acids should be avoided if you want to be fit and healthy. Fatty acids are very bad for health so they must be avoided by heart patients.

One must learn it’s not good to include food which are having fatty acids as it contains bad cholesterol which is very bad for health.

Food containing fatty acids makes our body lethargic which is not a good sign for a good healthy and fit body. To be fit one should completely be healthy which can be done by avoiding fatty acids in food which has more fats.

5. Do not skip meals

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals is not a good option at all to lose weight and if you want to become fit and healthy then you have to work on your diet.

Never skip meals and if you are then taking a fast a good option in which you have to be on a diet which vegetables and fruits.

Meals should be taken in a portion or 5 times a day such that the food can be digested in a well-mannered way by the body so it should be divided into 5 parts in a day.

Skipping a meal is not really a great idea if you think you can lose weight or be healthy as a meal should be taken according to the time and what one has to eat according to the time.

6. Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs.

avoid alcohol,smoking and drugs

Alcohol consumption is really bad for health as the regular intake of it can damage the lever and it has a bad impact on the diet too.

Smoking is injurious to health one has heard this still many people still do which should be stopped. Many people take it as a sign of coolness which is in reality foolishness.

Drugs are so addictive to the younger generation which should not be done if you want to be fit and healthy because a healthy body doesn’t consume this.

To be fit and healthy one should avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs for sure to get better results.

7. Good Sleep

good sleep

Good sleep is very necessary for a healthy body and mind. Good rest is always needed for a healthy life. Sleep helps to improvise things more efficiently than it needs to be done so the sleep routine must be good.

As our body works throughout the day and needs to be relaxed good sleep is one needs. Rest is very necessary for a healthy and fit body.

Good sleep comes from peaceful surroundings when you sleep the body clothes while sleeping so one must keep their clothes loose while sleeping.

8. Drink Water

Drink water

Water is so important for the human body and we all have heard that one should consume a good amount of water in a day. Most people are not taking enough water which their body needs the body detoxification is not happening.

Body cleaning is very necessary for a healthy body and can be done by having enough water throughout the day. As body helps to remove the toxins from the body.

If you don’t drink enough water you can keep a reminder to have water as there are many apps that will remind you to take water from time to time.

9. Regular Checkup

Regular checkup

This is the most important thing a regular health checkup with a good physician but most people ignore a regular checkup of a body is very necessary.

How you can know if you are fit or not a checkup routine should be there by a doctor who can check the important factors like blood level and all.

According to the health condition, one can take their diet and workout steps which can make them healthy.

So to be fit and healthy is not that difficult to achieve you have to follow some easy routine in your life and make a better life for yourself.

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