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There are lots of benefits of green tea for skin and how it is helpful for the skin and such that you can use it in your daily life and bring out the best usage for yourself.

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which help to increase the metabolism of the body and help in weight loss but besides this, it has lots of benefits for the skin too.

Green tea helps in many ways on the skin the various benefits of green tea on the skin are mentioned below:

Here are the top benefits of green tea for the skin:

1. Fight skin irritation and redness

Benefits of green tea

Green tea contains polyphenols mainly catechine which help in various ways that help in fighting against several inflammations in the body.

Skin irritation could be anything like itchiness, or redness that mostly occurs on sensitive skin that can be cured with the usage of green tea.

Regular use of green tea helps in preventing inflammation in the body by the active compounds present in green tea. So it’s good to use green tea for sensitive skin.

2. Cures Acne

Cures acne

Green tea has some property which helps to reduce acne very fast. It has antioxidants which help in preventing acne. So one of the benefits of green tea for skin is that it cures acne very fast.

The antioxidant property in green tea is very effective for acne-prone skin so if you are dealing with acne-prone skin then you should start using green tea.

The polyphenols present in it also fight against acne as it has the power to damage the bacterial layer which can cause infection which leads to acne on the skin.

3. Remove Dead skin smoothly

removes dead skin

Dead skin is the major cause of the dullness on the face and body. So dead skin should be removed as its name is dead skin so there is no use of it and the new skin should be there so it should be removed.

New skin will come when the dead skin is removed and green tea helps to remove the dead skin as it exfoliates the skin in a gentle way.

It helps in the production of new skin cells to make them active by exfoliating the dead skin from the body in an effective way.

4. Opens Blocked Pores

open blocked pores

Blocked pores or clogged pores are the reason why most of the dirt gets consumed and settled down inside that which may cause blackheads, whiteheads or acne.

When the pores are open they should be closed very enough such that any extra dirt should not come into it due to its opening and it not effect the skin in a negative way.

So the pores should be closed enough such that it doesn’t make the skin worst as the pores release oils and sweat which can cause different skin issues like acne breakouts.

Green tea helps to exfoliate the skin which helps to open the clogged pores that help to clear the blocked pores very gently.

5. Prevents Premature ageing

prevents anti ageing

Green tea has a lot of active ingredients that lead the skin to its best state and fight against premature ageing.

Free radicals can come through various food items like fried food, and junk food which is not good for the skin and green tea helps fight these free radicals.

It helps in skin tightening of a skin which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin which may lead to the ageing process.

Green tea is best to make the skin more naturally glowing and healthy because of the natural ingredients which are very beneficial for the skin.

6. Moisturises the skin

moisturizes the skin

Skin must be hydrated as it helps in glowing naturally so hydration is so important for the skin so one should keep hydrating the body.

Green tea is a good source of vitamin E which helps to nourish the skin very effectively so green tea is very good to hydrate the skin.

Well, green tea not only nourishes the skin but also helps in rejuvenating dead skin cells and repairing them. 

7. Helps to Control oil

helps to control oil

Oily skin people have most skin issues like acne, blackhead which can be controlled with the help of green tea as tea contains biomolecules that help to make the skin non-oily.

Green tea not only removes the excess oil but also helps in reducing the production of oil which can occur in the skin tissue.

Oily skin tends to produce sebum which is the major cause of acne this can be seen in the skin of oily skin people which can reduce by the biomolecules present in green tea.

8. Reduces the risk of skin cancer

reduces the risk of skin cancer

Green tea is best to reduce the risk of skin cancer as it contains polyphenols mainly epigallocatechin gallate(ECCG) which has the property to prevent the development of skin tumours in the tissue.

The anti-inflammatory behaviour of green tea is helpful as the polyphenols in it are best suited to the skin which helps to minimize the risk of skin cancer.

So it’s very beneficial to have green in a day for health purposes that can reduce the cause of skin cancer or various harmful diseases.

9. Get rid of puffy eyes

puffy eyes

All tea consists of caffeine but the caffeine contained in green tea is beneficial for the skin as it helps to work on puffy eyes which can be seen very usually nowadays.

The cause of puffy eyes can be anything lack of sleep, stress and if you want to get rid of it then start using green tea.

The Green tea bags which you have used for tea then that tea bag can be used like you can use that tea bags in your under-eye area so keep them for 15 minutes in under your eyes. 

It also helps to relax the eye stress so it’s better not to throw that green tea bag after using it in the drink you can use it for the skin.

10. Promotes the growth of hair

promotes the growth of hair

Growing hair naturally is what everyone wants but due to climate change, many people face hair fall which needs to be undone with ease.

Green tea promotes hair growth naturally the polyphenols present in it mainly EGCG which are beneficial for hair growth very effectively.

You need to use the green tea on your scalp as a hair mask and keep it for some time then you can rinse it off after 15 minutes you can see significant changes in hair after using it.

11. Protect from Harmful UV Rays

protect from harmful UV Rays

Skin protection is so much necessary from the harmful UV rays of the sun which can cause sunburn, and skin tan that comes when we step outside of the house.

To step out of the house one must put sunscreen on the face and the body to protect it against sunlight but sometimes we forget to put that.

Green tea is a good source of antioxidants which helps to protect the skin from harmful UV Rays so consumption of green tea is beneficial against sun damage.

Green tea helps in many ways and it has different uses on the skin and hopes you got to know so many helpful things about green tea which is beneficial for the skin. 

You should consume green tea as it is a healthy drink and the usage of it is so many try it out and see the magic.

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