10 Crucial Insights into Snake Bites!

By  Befitbu Health Desk JMay 10, 2024

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Snake Awareness


San Francisco is America's most walkable city with wide weather forecast. Come prepared with layers and comfortable shoes.

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Symptoms Recognition


Recognize snakebite symptoms, including pain, swelling, nausea, and difficulty breathing, and seek immediate medical help.

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Emergency Response


Keep the affected limb immobilized and at or below heart level to slow venom spread, and avoid unnecessary movement.

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Identification Caution


Try to identify the snake without endangering yourself, noting its colour and markings, but avoid capturing or handling it.

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Basic First Aid


Clean the wound, apply a clean bandage, and immobilize the limb while awaiting medical assistance.

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Avoid Tourniquets & Ice


Refrain from using tourniquets or ice, as they can worsen tissue damage.

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Antivenom Treatment


Seek antivenom therapy administered by medical professionals in a hospital setting.

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Medical Monitoring


Patients may require close monitoring and supportive care in a medical facility.

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Preventive Measures


Wear appropriate footwear, avoid tall grass, and use caution in snake-prone areas.

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Education & Awareness


Educate yourself and others about snake safety and first aid to minimize encounters and respond effectively to bites.

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