Tofu Vs Paneer

What is the difference between Tofu and paneer ?Are the same or different? Let's Find out!

Tofu is Made from soybeans that are coagulated and pressed Paneer  is an indian chese made Made by coagulating milk with an acid, like lemon juice or vinegar

Tofu is Originated in East Asia, particularly in China Paneer  is Type of cheese in South Asian cuisine, especially in India

Tofu  has mild and neutral flavor, versatile for various cuisines Paneer  commonly used in curries, gravies, and other traditional dishes

Tofu  Varieties include silken, firm, and extra-firm Paneer  Firm and crumbly texture, holds up well in cooking

Tofu: Nutritious, containing protein, iron, calcium, and other vitamins Paneer: Nutritious, providing protein, calcium, and vitamins 

Tofu: Absorbs flavors well, can be seasoned or marinated Paneer: Doesn't melt easily, suitable for high-temperature cooking 

Tofu: Used in stir-fries, soups, salads, and desserts Paneer: Popular dishes include palak paneer, paneer tikka, and matar paneer