How to grow hair faster  at home remedies

1.REGULAR  SCALP MASSAGE You must do regular hair massage with coconut oil to circulate the blood flow.

2,EGG MASK TREATMENT A very powerful protein packed for your hair just put egg yok into your hair for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

3.AlOEVERA GEL Apply aloevera gel into your hair scalp it's kind of a natural conditioner for your hair.

4.FENUGREEK SEEDS High in iron and protein which is very essential for the healthy hair growth. You can make a paste of it or use with any oil by heating the oil then put some seeds.

5.GREEN TEA  a rich source of antioxidant which will help your hair to have the natural boost of antioxidants you can use the water of it to wash your hair.

6.INDIAN GOOSEBERRY To create an amla hair mask, blend a few amla fruits into a paste and apply it to your hair. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes before washing it out with shampoo.

7.CASTOR OIL Massage castor oil into your scalp and let it on for a few hours, or even overnight, before shampooing.

8.BALANCED DIET Foods rich in protein, vitamin E, and B complex vitamins are particularly beneficial for hair growth.So try to have a balanced meal having all the  essential nutrients

9.Onion Juice Apply the natural onion juice to your hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then shampoo it out. Accept the magic of onions and watch as it transforms your hair growth path.

10.Essential Oils Massaging essential oils into the scalp on a regular basis helps to hydrate and strengthen hair strands, producing a healthy environment for hair development.